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Technology Minerals Plc is a UK-based company looking to create a circular economy for battery metals within one group. We are working towards extracting raw materials required for Li-ion battery cathodes, whilst solving the ecological issue of spent Li-ion batteries, by recycling them for reuse by battery manufacturers. The battery metals in discussion comprise cobalt, lithium, nickel and manganese.

We are focused on the circular economy, and on the security of the supply chain from metal discovery through to end-of-life use. The group is geared towards exploration and mining, with the ultimate goal of supplying sustainable raw materials critical for the growing demand from the UK and global battery market, and towards the concomitant battery metals recycling industry.

Our role as junior miners at Technology Minerals is to identify assets and appraise, creating early-stage value that can provide the platform for the development phase.

Circular Economy

Technology Minerals was established to address the circular economy in the battery metals sector, to cover the mineral life cycle from exploration and mining through to end-of-product recycling for cobalt, lithium, nickel and manganese.

Exploration & the EV Supply Chain

Through three mineral exploration subsidiaries, Technology Minerals currently has holdings in Ireland (for lithium), Spain (for nickel, copper, and cobalt), Idaho (for cobalt), Cameroon (for nickel, copper, and cobalt) and South Dakota (primarily manganese and rare earth oxides).

Battery Recycling

With the rising global demand for key battery metals to enable electrification, it is becoming increasingly clear that both extraction and recycling are essential if we are to come close to meeting this burgeoning demand.

We aim to develop our own existing mineral assets, acquire new projects, and further expand into the battery recycling business, always operating under the highest ESG principles.

The Circular Economy


Only 9% of the global economy is circular at present

£75 billion

Circular economies - potential to bolster economy by £75 billion


Whilst creating half a million jobs

15 million

Circular business models: 15m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be avoided


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