Lester Kemp
Chief operating Officer

Lester Kemp graduated in 1990 with a Master's Degree from the Royal School of Mines, University of London, and went on to work with GeoScience Limited in Ascot before running a gold exploration camp in Guyana for Canarc Resources of Canada. After completing his MBA, Lester worked with various junior resource companies operating throughout Africa / Europe and Scandinavia. Lester was part of Canadian-listed Redaurum Limited which operated the River Ranch Diamond Mine in Zimbabwe and the Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine in the USA.

Lester was co-founder and Managing Director of Mantle Diamonds Limited which operated two diamond mines in Africa (Lesotho and Botswana). Lester also co-founded Arabian Nubian Resources Ltd, and up until the end of June this year, was a Non-Executive Director of Levin Sources, a consultancy and social venture company involved in advising international clients on responsible and sustainable mining.