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Technology Minerals Plc is a London-based junior mining company, with a portfolio of projects focused on key battery metals, including cobalt, copper, nickel, manganese, and lithium.

The Company's strategy is to take early-stage projects and bring them up the value curve through prudent employment of capital. Technology Minerals is therefore working to provide a diverse portfolio of projects for transaction, focusing on the exploration of mineral resource projects in Ireland (Li project), Spain (Cu-Co-Ni project), Cameroon (Ni-Co project), and three projects in the USA (Cu-Co, Co, and Ni-Co-Cu projects, respectively).

Active Projects

Aramo, Northern Spain

The Asturmet Project - based in the Principality of Asturias, north-west Spain - consists of seven exploration permits which are currently held by Asturmet Recursos S.L., a wholly-owned subsidiary of LRH Resources Limited. One permit has been granted (St. Patrick), and the rest are currently under application. All permits are considered prospective for cobalt-nickel-copper mineralization.

Current status: Ongoing field programmes with a more extensive exploration campaign planned for the St. Patrick licence in the coming months.

Blackbird, Idaho

Technology Minerals Plc's wholly-owned subsidiary, Techmin Limited, recently acquired 100% interest in the Blackbird Property, from DG Resource Management Ltd. The acquisition adds 158 contiguous lode claims, covering an area of approx. 1,285 ha to the Company's existing land position. The Blackbird Creek Property is situated in the Idaho Cobalt Belt - a 40-50km district characterized by copper-cobalt deposits. The primary exploration target on the Property is cobalt, though results from historical drilling and recent surface sampling indicate that the  Property has the potential to host significant cobalt-copper deposits.

Current status: Exploration.

Emperium, Idaho

The Emperium Project - held by Technology Minerals through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Emperium 1 Holdings Corp (Emperium) - covers approximately 55km² in east-central Idaho, making it one of the largest land positions in the infamous Idaho Cobalt Belt. Technology Minerals are chasing cobalt as the primary metal. To date, there has been limited exploration conducted on the property in the form of lithogeochemical (rock) sampling, and satellite image interpretation.

Current status: Soil and outcrop sampling, and mapping license area.

Technology Minerals Cameroon

The Technology Minerals Cameroon (TMC) Property consists of five exploration permits in south-eastern Cameroon - at least three of which are considered prospective for nickel-cobalt rich laterite. Since applying for the permits in February 2021, Technology Minerals Cameroon have performed a reconnaissance exploration on the five permit areas, which entailed geochemical evaluation, soil sampling, and lithogeochemical (rock) sampling.

Current status: the Company has now received copies of all permits and has instructed Cameroon legal counsel to verify the validity of the permits.

Leinster, Ireland

The Leinster Property - located in the counties of Wicklow and Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland - is a lithium pegmatite project that consists of fifteen prospecting licence areas, covering approximately 477km². All the licences are currently owned by LRH Resources Limited - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Technology Minerals Plc.

Lithium mineralization has been confirmed, with spodumene bearing samples from various prospects identified within the project area: Sorrel (1.66% Li2O equivalent); Tonygarrow (1.0% Li2O); Aghavannagh (1.78% Li2O).

Current status: Sampling, geophysics and remote sensing over licences.

Oacoma, South Dakota

Technology Minerals Ltd ("TML") currently holds 15% of the Oacoma Project, with the option to acquire up to a further 85% working interest on the terms of an exploration agreement that are to be agreed with North American Strategic Minerals Inc.

This property is considered prospective for manganese and rare earth elements, as well as nickel, cobalt, copper, and in February 2022, Technology Minerals announced the results from 27 rock samples collected in October 2021.

Current status: Continuation of exploration campaign with a more comprehensive and extensive sampling and mapping programme.

Battery Recycling

In addition, the Company holds a 49% interest in the UK's first industrial-scale battery recycling business, Recyclus Group Ltd. Recyclus has developed the technology to recycle and re-process the 5+ lithium-ion battery chemistries in any combination, at any one time, in addition to lead-acid battery recycling. Recyclus will then sell salvaged materials to third-party chemical processors who are fully able to recycle battery 'black mass' (residual but useable metals and chemicals) into commercially viable feed stock.

Recyclus' first two recycling plants are being commissioned in the first half of this calendar year: one processing plant for lead-acid, and one for lithium-ion technologies, respectively. These will be strategically located (close-to-market) on sites in the UK for the purpose of collecting used stock and converting it to black mass. Recyclus own the IP for each of these processes.

Recyclus' proprietary new technology allows the collection, processing and recycling to be fully undertaken in-house, at the Recyclus plant, enabling Recyclus to gain advantages in processing times and costs over its competitors.

The automotive sector’s attention is firmly set on electrification. A society that wishes to leave the internal combustion engine (ICE) in the past and fully embrace electric vehicles (EV), is seeing an enormous increase in demand for battery metals - metals which, ultimately, are scarce.

The recycling of battery metals is therefore a necessary component of a viable electric future for vehicles and, with its leading technology, Recyclus will become an important player in the battery metals ecosystem.


Through Emperium 1 Holdings Corp (Emperium), Onshore Energy Limited (OEL), LRH Resources Limited (LRH), and Techmin Limited (TML), we are actively identifying, exploring for, and effectively aiming to develop our portfolio of battery metals projects. These are specifically cobalt, lithium, nickel, and manganese.

Through Emperium, OEL and LRH, the Company owns:

A 100% interest in mineral claims on approximately 13,900 acres in the United States, in an area commonly known as the ‘Idaho Cobalt Belt.’

No less than a 90% interest in exploration claims on approximately 2,456 sq. km in Cameroon, proximal to the world-class Nkamouna nickel-cobalt laterite deposit.

A 100% interest in fifteen prospecting licenses covering an area of approximately 477 sq. km in Ireland for lithium exploration, and a 100% interest in seven applications for exploration permits - one of which has been granted - in northern Spain for nickel and cobalt exploration.

TML has also entered into option agreements to acquire mining claim rights covering an area of 3,175 acres in Idaho, United States.


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