Technology Minerals Plc is a London-based mineral exploration company focused on the exploration of mineral resource projects in Ireland (Li project), Spain (Cu-Co-Ni project), Cameroon (Ni-Co project), and two in the USA (Cu-Co and Co projects, respectively).

Asturmet Property, Spain

Copper-Cobalt-Nickel Project

The Asturmet Property consists of seven exploration permits, covering an area of approximately 461km² in the Principality of Asturias, northern Spain. Only one permit (St. Patrick) - a 61.5km² area - has been granted, with the remaining permits currently under application. The permits are held by Asturmet Recursos S.L., a wholly-owned subsidiary of LRH Resources Limited.
The property is underlain by a sequence of Lower to Upper Carboniferous rocks that were deformed during the Variscan orogeny. Veins and breccia pipes of copper-cobalt-nickel (Cu-Co-Ni) mineralization, likely of Permian age, occur within the Aramo Unit (or Mountain Limestone) at the historic Aramo mine, where records estimate that approximately 200,000 tonnes of ore were recovered that contained variable grades of copper(1-20%), nickel (1-3%), and cobalt (1-3%). The variation in grade is due to secondary enrichment (weathering) of the primary sulphide mineralization. The organic-rich limestones of the Barceliente and Valdeteja formations, which comprise the Mountain Limestone, are present on all the permits, and are the primary target for additional Cu-Ni-Co mineralization.

No exploration has been undertaken on the property since the Aramo mine ceased production in the late 1950s. LRH have conducted verification surface sampling in the vicinity of the Aramo mine from outcrops and waste dumps, and in the mine itself through underground sampling from in situ mineralization, to confirm the grades reported from the few surviving mining reports. The new analyses are in good agreement with the historic records from Aramo, with grades up to 50% copper, 1.15% nickel and 0.43% cobalt recorded. All permit areas are considered prospective for epigenetic copper-cobalt-nickel mineralization similar in style to that seen at the Aramo mine.

For more information on the Asturmet Project, take a look at the Competent Person's Report here

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