Chang Oh Turkmani
Non-Executive Director
+44 (0)203 885 9209


Mrs Turkmani is a respected, multilingual businesswoman with extensive experience in the import and export of industrial commodities, as well as the mining, manufacturing, construction, energy trading, shipping, environmental remediation, renewable energy, and investment advisory industries. She is a 100qualified lawyer in the US, having specialised in International Trade, Cross-Border Negotiation, DueDiligence, and Dispute Resolution.

She is currently Managing Director and Principal of The Mega Company, based in Washington, DC, a role she has held since 1990. The Mega Company is a private American development company and import and export business that principally deals with mineral raw materials and goods including: iron ore, coking coal, rock phosphate, cement. She also has a senior leadership role at AmericanConstruction Technologies, based in Bucharest, Romania, having been appointed in 2003, where sheis responsible for the development, construction and management of one of the largest US developments in the highly specialized field of temperature-controlled warehouses and logistics. Other leadership roles include Managing Director at CDM Global, also based in Bucharest, which is an-environmental remediation and industrial waste management, environmental due diligence, permitting and impact assessment business and Crest Energy, which is in the wholesale trading of electricity.Originally qualifying as a lawyer with Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, she moved to work for Patton, Boggs& Blow in Washington, DC.

Since 2003, she has been Adjunct Professor of Law at GeorgetownUniversity Law Center, in Washington, DC., where she teaches pre-negotiation strategies for cross border transactions. She received a U.S. Presidential Appointment to be a Board member on theNational Cancer Advisory Board, she is a Board member of the American Romanian Business Council and a Board Member and Finance Chair of Alianta, a U.S. non-profit organisation working to strengthen the cultural, economic, and security ties between the United States and Romania.