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Recyclus first deliveries of LiBox, proprietary storage solution for lithium-ion battery waste, to motor retail group

Recyclus first deliveries of libox

TM1 is pleased to announce that its 48.35% owned battery recycling business, Recyclus Group Ltd ("Recyclus"), has received an order from automotive retail group Waylands of its market-leading solution for the safe storage and transportation of lithium-ion (“Li-ion”) batteries, LiBox. Waylands have taken their first delivery of LiBoxes and are using these to store waste Li-ion batteries across its Volvo retail network sites in Bristol, Reading and Oxford.

The LiBox is a pallet-sized, steel fabricated box, UN-certified and ADR compliant – the highest global standard for transporting hazardous goods. It is rated to a 20kWh power rating, the highest in the industry, and can control thermal conditions of up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Each box is filled with layers of Lithium Battery Fire Protection Pillows designed to contain and extinguish fires – should they occur – preventing risk of damage to property, people and the environment. The design of the box is modular, so any damaged parts can be simply swapped out and replaced for ongoing use.

The LiBox provides a logistics solution to the rising demands for safe storage and handling of end-of- life Li-ion batteries, particularly in need in the automotive sector, with the number of electric vehicles now on the road. The LiBox is available for use across all sectors including automotive, portable devices and industrial.

Robin Brundle, Director and Co-Founder of Recyclus Group said:

Recyclus is the one-stop provider for managing lithium-ion battery waste in the UK. There is a growing issue across the UK where these batteries are being stored on commercial properties unsafely and without an onward processing plan. LiBox is a simple solution that de-risks a business and, combined with our recycling facility, enables the materials to be moved on for sustainable processing and reuse.

Richard Spencer, Group Aftersales Director at Waylands comments:

With the ever-growing increase of battery electric and hybrid vehicles, we continue to prepare our workshops for the growing demand in aftersales and vehicle parc of the future. Within our dealerships, we already carry out many EV repairs on a regular basis and have been delighted to obtain suitable safe storage for these products which, as we know carry potential stability risks when damaged or under repair.

Recyclus offers a one stop shop that allows us to safely store and recycle these batteries, reducing the risk of any incident and containing what could be a very damaging event should a cell fail.”

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