Wilson Robb
Chief Technical Officer
+44 (0)203 885 9209


Wilson Robb is a graduate of the University of Glasgow with 30 years' experience in mineral exploration and the resources sector. With a current focus on gold in Africa, battery metals in Spain and Ireland, and base metals in Africa, Ireland, Spain and Scotland, he specialises in sediment-hosted base-metal exploration, is a skilled field geologist, an effective exploration manager, and project generator.

He has, with his colleagues at Aurum Exploration Services, a demonstrated history of developing and advancing conceptual and greenfields exploration targets from desktop to drilling for client exploration/mining companies, royalties groups and private equity on project generation across a wide commodity spectrum.

Wilson co-founded Aurum in May 2002 and the company is now a global service provider of high quality, cost-effective contract exploration, target generation, and exploration management to clients in the international mining and exploration industry, with a geographical focus on Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Ireland. At Aurum, he manages multiple client exploration programs, oversees project generation initiatives and leads Aurum's marketing and business development.