Emperium, Idaho

Cobalt Project

The Emperium Project - held by Technology Minerals through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Emperium I Holdings Corp. - covers approximately 55km² in east central Idaho, making it one of the largest land positions (13,900 acres) in the infamous "Idaho Cobalt Belt" ("ICB").

The ICB is a prolific northwest-trending zone of Co-Cu-Au occurrences, stretching over 60km long and up to 10km wide in places. The ICB is a unique metallogenic province in which cobalt occurs in sufficiently high enough grades to make it economically viable as the primary metal in the deposits.

A site visit was carried out by Company personnel to gain an understanding of the licence area(s), and the exploration targets and prospects. Satellite imagery revealed that the Emperium Project licence area(s) share similar mineral signatures with that of the Blackbird Mine - also located in Lemhi County, Idaho.

Employing a two-phase exploration work programme, Technology Minerals  will conduct a systematic evaluation of the Property to identify targets in Phase One; and will evaluate these targets, advancing the priority targets towards the initial drilling stage, in Phase Two.

Current status: Soil and outcrop sampling, and mapping license area.

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